Man ends marriage after wife fails ‘white bed-sheet virginity test’

Mumbai/Nashik: A village caste panchayat in Nashik district has termed a newly married girl as ‘not virgin’ after her husband told them that she failed the ‘virginity test’, after 48 hours of their marriage which took place on May 22.

The panchayat offered the groom a white bed sheet and asked him to have sex on it . When the groom showed the panchayat the bed sheet with no blood stains on it, the group allowed the groom to end the relationship, as all the manners of crime and punishment is decided by this panchayat and it is a routine test to prove that the woman is a virgin.

Despite the girl’s pleas that she was, in fact, a virgin and that her lack of bleeding could be due to the vigorous exercise she went through in preparation for the recruitment in the police force. She was involved in cycling, running, long jump and other exercises.

Social workers Ranjana Gavande and Krishna Chandgude they will file a police complaint if no “amicable solution” is reached after a meeting with the caste leaders on Thursday.