This man breaks his Roza to save a Hindu’s life

NEW DELHI: Aarif Khan in Dehradun was observing roza when he receive a message on WhatsApp that a 20-year-old boy Ajay Bilawalam needs urgent blood donation.

According to Bhaskar reports, Ajay was suffering from leprosy and was hospitalized in Dehradun’s Max Hospital with a dangerously low blood platelet count and urgently needed blood with A+ group.

Watching the deteriorating condition of his son, Ajay’s father posted a message on social media urging people to either donate blood or organize the blood for his son.

When 39-year-old Aarif came across the heartfelt message and immediately contacted the family members. As per routine procedure, the doctor told to eat something before donating. Arif, despite observing roza agreed broke his fast and made the blood donation.

“If somebody’s life could be saved by breaking my roza (fast), then I will put humanity first, rozas (fasts) can be kept later, and human life is precious,” said Arif further adding, “Helping the needy is essential teachings of Ramzan, I believe if we keep fast and do not help the needy then Allah won’t be happy, it is my honour that I could help someone.”