Man breaks fast, saving a newborn’s life

Darbhanga: At a time where a specific community is being scapegoated over the spread of the coronavirus, the country’s Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb is still on display. Despite observing the annual month-long tradition of fasting in Ramzan, Mohammed Ashfaq broke his fast to donate blood to save a newborn baby’s life.

“My Lord said that it is imperative that the saving of someone’s life takes precedence over everything else,” said Ashfaq.

It was this sentiment that prompted him to take notice of a call for rare O negative blood on social media. The father of the baby Ramesh Kumar Singh, a Sahashtra Seema Bal officer, was not present during the child’s birth.

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When the baby was delivered in Darbhanga Medical College, she was in critical need of the blood group which was not available. The family then took to social media platforms to ask people to come forward to donate.

This caught Ashfaq’s eye and he made his way to the hospital, filled out the forms, and gave his blood. Doctors denied taking his blood as he was fasting, it was then that he decided to break his fast. After consuming water and food, he went through with his noble act.

He deplored the communal tensions that have engulfed the country and stressed the need to not differentiate between Hindus and Muslims. For Ashfaq, the infant is no less than his own daughter.

Referring to Ashfaq, the girl’s grandmother then said: “This guy like God for us, he saved my granddaughter!”

Nihad Amani