iPhone battery exploded when man bites it to test

China: On January 19, at an electronic store in China, a man tried to test the authenticity of iPhone battery by biting it. It resulted in a small explosion, fortunately hurting none of them present over there.

The video of the incident captured by the CCTV cameras of the store was uploaded to Chinese video sharing platform Miaopai, since then it has got 4.69 million views.

As per the news reported in Taiwan News, the man visited one of the Chinese stores and began to look closely and to check if it is original, decided to bite down triggering the explosion. The blast occurred inches from the face of the man who bitten it. It was reported that none of them were hurted.

Faulty and counterfeit lithium batteries sometimes explode but it is not clear whether the iPhone battery exploded because it was fake or because it was damaged by the man who bitten to test it.

iPhone has been offering to replace the older batteries with new ones at just $29 instead of the usual $79.