Man beaten after parking dispute in Delhi, 2 held

New Delhi: Two people have been arrested for thrashing a man in Delhi’s Ranjeet Nagar over a parking dispute.

“FIR has been registered and stringent action is being taken against the accused. The victim is fine and has been discharged from hospital,” Jasmeet Singh, DCP Central Delhi said.

A viral video, also shared by Aam Aadmi Party’s MLA Amanatullah Khan, showed the two accused beating the victim, Naushad red and blue over a petty parking dispute.

“A car hit our scooter parked outside doctor’s clinic, and when my husband objected, he was attacked with stones. My daughter and I were also beaten up,” the victim’s wife Gulnaz said.

“I was getting my daughter checked when I heard noises of people arguing from outside. I came out to check and saw my husband being beaten. The car had toppled several vehicles parked in the area, and when my husband saw our scooter toppled too, he politely said that he would have moved it if they had asked him to. Listening to this, they got furious and started beating him,” she added.

The matter is of Monday evening, when Naushad, along with his wife, came to a doctor’s clinic in the area to get his 2-year-old daughter checked.

The victim’s brother has claimed that Naushad is not well and was hastily discharge from the hospital. “He is still not in his senses and has been vomiting ever since he came back to home. The doctor, at midnight, said that he was fine to go home, but looking at his condition, I think that it was a hasty call,” he said.