Man attacked with swords after his message on WhatsApp group, dies

Moin Mehmood Pathan, 35, a real estate broker was killed for allegedly posting some comments on a WhatsApp group. He was hit with swords, knives and rods by a group of around 20 people in Fatimanagar in Aurangabad.

Police connected the killing to enmity between two local groups, the decease Moin Mehmood had an argument with members of the rival group which led to his killing.

The deceased posted a message on the WhatsApp group on Sunday evening, challenging his rivals following which a few hours later, about 20 youth reached Fatimanagar with weapons and attacked him.

His nephew Irfan Shaikh Rahim tried to intervene and was also attacked, due to which he received head injuries.

The deceased Moin was taken to the government medical college and hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Police detained six alleged attackers while a search is on for the others.

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