Man arrested for trying to rob grandfather

New Delhi: A 21-year-old man and his accomplice have been arrested for allegedly trying to rob the former’s maternal grandfather in Rohini, police today said.

The incident took place yesterday. A man came to the house of 90-year-old Ramlal Miglani to check gas pipes.

As Miglani took him to the kitchen, he heard screams of his wife Shakuntala from the other room.

An unnerved Miglani rushed to the room and saw another man wearing a helmet pointing a pistol at her.

The nonogenarian pushed the man and raised an alarm.

The neighbours rushed to their help caught hold of the two men.

Miglani removed the helmet and was shocked to see the man was his daughter’s son Rajat, carrying a fake gun.

The duo was handed over to the police, who said Rajat had planned to rob his grandfather who had recently sold a property.