Man arrested for dropping dead rat in food to blackmail restaurant

A man in China is accused of blackmail a restaurant by dropping a dead rat in his meal has admitted to his crime.

According to the report published in the Shanghaiist, the incident took place in Beijing in November last year in which the man surnamed Guo, brought his own rat to a popular food chain named Haidilao.

The man who went along with his wife to Haidilao claimed that he had found out a dead rat from his hot pot after eating the meal for about 20 minutes.

When he informed this to the restaurant management, they initially offered him a free meal, which he refused. Later, the management offered him 20,000 yuan (approximately Rs. 2 lakh), which he again denied. Instead, he demanded 5 million yuan (approximately Rs. 5 crores) in compensation.

Later the restaurant went to the police after two sides failed to reach an agreement. However, the investigation revealed that Mr Guo was guilty of extortion and arrested.

According to the Guancha News reports, he admitted his crime at his court hearing on Tuesday and said that he planted the dead rat in his food in order to blackmail the restaurant and extort money.

He explained that while visiting his hometown in Henan province he found the dead rat and brought it back to Beijing in a bottle. He said he only wanted a free meal, but later got “a bit greedy”.