Man with 54 children in Balochistan registered in the population census


Pakistan:  A 70-year-old Haji Abdul Majeed Mengal’s family has been registered in the population census, making it one of the largest families in the Noshki district of Balochistan.

The population team discovered Majeed’s family which consist of 42 children. He had 54 children from six wives, 12 of whom have died. Two of his wives have also died, leaving four of them with him.

Out of 42 children, twenty-two is sons while 20 are the daughters. This also includes a newborn baby boy. Majeed, who is also a grandfather, works as a driver. He married twice again after two of his first four wives passed away.

Similarly, another family of Jan Muhammad is also waiting for the census staff to register his big family. Muhammad resident of Quetta works as a medical practitioner and a part-time businessman is a father of 36 children, from his three wives. His eldest child is 17-year-old.