Mamta Devi mesmerizes audience with her satire on political leaders

Poetess Mamta Devi singing a funny but relevant poem on elections and political leaders on the show Wah! Wah! Kya Baat Hai! on SAB TV. She so much mesmerized the host of the show Tarak Mehta that he sat at the feet of ‘Devi’.

Lamenting that the political leaders lack conscience, she asks God, what wrong have we done that you gave double-faced leaders to us. She prays to God, either to reduce them or finish all of them.

Mamata Devi further says that as the election nears, voter gets confused and later regrets after casting his vote, because the leaders he chose, robs the nation of its wealth, either big or small but they are all looters.

She further lamented that now a days, those who should be prosecuted are being garlanded.

In the last stanza of the poem the poetess asks, why the leaders have sold their conscience and they are not ashamed of doing that either. She is asking God for a solution to this. She further maintained that the leaders take oath of serving nation but loot the country itself.

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