Mamata’s stand on Balakot to aid BJP at polls: Sinha

Kolkata: There has been a resurgence of nationalism and patriotism across Bengal after the Pulwama attack and India’s bold response through air strikes in Balakot, says a senior BJP leader, prophesying a reflection of the people’s discontent during vote over the way Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee raised questions about the soldiers’ intent.

“There has been a new wave of nationalism across the country after the airstrikes and Bengal is no exception. The people of Bengal didn’t like Mamata’s statements in favour of Pakistan. Some of her statements seem to be a veiled support towards terrorists and terrorism. This will definitely go against the Trinamool Congress in the elections,” BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha told IANS in an interview.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in a position to win 32 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal. The main reason is the massive development ushered in by Prime Minister Naredra Modi across the country. People of Bengal can see for themselves how they are lagging behind under the present government while the nation is progressing,” Sinha asserted.

“This wave of development is being halted in Bengal by the Trinamool Congress government. People have realised that to continue the nation’s development, Modiji’s leadership is absolutely essential. That is why people across all castes, creeds and communities in Bengal are coming with us,” he said.

On minorities, which have a substantial vote share in a number of constituencies in the state, the BJP leader said a large section of the community, especially women, will extend their support to the BJP in the elections as they are happy with the Centre’s moves like the triple talaq ban.

“It’s true the minority vote has traditionally gone against the BJP. But this time a large section of the minority community is with us. The way the Modi government has stood by the mothers and sisters of the minority community with steps like triple talaq ban, which Mamata strongly opposed, it is expected that the BJP will get the support of a large section of Muslim women in Bengal,” said Sinha, the BJP candidate for the Kolkata North Lok Sabha seat.

“The minorities are also fed up with corruption and the extortion culture of the Trinamool Congress. Many Muslims who supported the Left and the Congress have joined our party as they want to free themselves from the atrocities of Trinamool. We are hopeful of doing well even in the minority-dominated belts,” he said.

On the outrage in a section of state BJP over fielding a number of leaders who crossed over to the BJP recently, Sinha said the “minor misunderstandings” have been sorted out.

“Such minor conflicts are normal. It happens everywhere, in all political parties, if some leaders don’t get tickets. There have been some misunderstandings in Cooch Behar over the nomination of our candidate. The issues have been sorted out. There is no resentment over the candidate selection,” he said.

Sinha, contesting against Sudip Bandyopadhyay of the Trinamool Congress who defeated him in 2014 elections, said he is hopeful of victory this time.

“There has not been any development in the constituency despite its location in the heart of a metropolitan city. People are forced to live in shanties without proper drainage or drinking water. People are living in a poor condition,” he said.

The present MP didn’t do any work, sinha said and added, “He was in jail for a long time for taking bribe. Everybody knows that. This will be a major issue among voters.”.