Mamata, Trinamool allowing infiltration: BJP

Kolkata: BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya on Wednesday accused the West Bengal government of playing with the country’s internal security by letting “infiltrators and anti-national elements” in the state.

Accusing Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of appeasement politics to strengthen her vote-bank, Vijayvargiya, also the party’s state in -charge, alleged that she is only concerned about saving her chair and not the country’s security.

“There is infiltration in Bengal because of Mamata ji’s politics of appeasement. Her only motto is to let the infiltrators in the country, register them in the voter list and use them as a vote bank. But she is not bothered that because of this infiltration, anti-national elements are entering the country,” he said at the party’s internal meeting in the state capital.

“Today Pakistan is sending arms and ammunitions to the terrorists and Naxalites through Bangladesh. The infiltrators are not just entering India, they are bringing weapons with them. The Bengal government is not concerned about the country or the state’s development. The Chief Minister and the ruling party of Bengal are only concerned about saving their chair,” he said.

Referring to the continuous post-poll violence in Bengal which has claimed many lives since the election results, Vijayvargiya said the BJP is very much capable of responding to the violence with violence, but is refraining from doing so as it wants to “change the decades-long culture of unrest in Bengal”.

“At present the ruling party in Bengal has lost people’s faith. The violence by Trinamool Congress has increased manifold. I want to warn them that we are not keeping silent because we are weak. We can also answer violence with violence. We have certain responsibilities as the ruling political party of the nation,” Vijayvargiya said.

“A trend of violence is going on here for the last three decades. We want to end it. If we respond to violence by resorting to violence ourselves, then we will fall from grace of the people of Bengal just like the current ruling party (Trinamool) has fallen,” he said.

Comparing Trinamool Congress with a “coal mine”, the saffron party leader said BJP is picking away the “diamonds” and said all that is left in the Bengal’s ruling party is garbage.

“The Trinamool Congress is like a coal mine. It is filled with black coal. We are finding out diamonds from this coal mine and taking them to BJP. The rest of the Trinamool Congress is complete garbage,” he added.