Mamata Banerjee seems unhappy with victory: Congress

Kolkata: While the whole nation is surprised for Congress’s party’s unexpected victory in three crucially important states which would possibly pave a way for Rahul Gandhi to be the next PM of India, West Bengal CM Mamata seems unhappy with the party’s performance.

Congress on Wednesday asked if Mamta Banerjee is unhappy since she has not given any credit or congratulated the party for its victory.

“When the entire country has congratulated Rahul Gandhi and the Congress for its victory in three states, only Mamata Banerjee has not. Is she not happy with the victory of Congress?,” Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi asked while addressing a rally in Kolkata.

Senior Congress lawmaker Adhir Chowdhury asked whether the Trinamool leaders are having “sleepless nights” since “dreams of Banerjee becoming the next prime minister has gone for a toss” with Rahul Gandhi’s victory, NDTV reports.

“Now their (TMC leaders) dreams are shattered as they know that Rahul Gandhi will be the next prime minister. That is why they are not ready to give Congress and Rahul Gandhi their due credit,” Mr Chowdhury said.

Criticising the “political duplicity” of the Trinamool, Gogoi said “This political duplicity will no longer work. On the one hand TMC speaks of democratic values when it goes to opposition meets in Delhi and when it comes back to Bengal it tries to throttle the voice of opposition parties in most undemocratic ways. The Congress high-command is very well aware of the double standards of TMC.”