Mamata Banerjee has objection on hearing anything against Pakistan: Tarek Fatah

New Delhi [India]: Author and expert on Pakistan affairs, Tarek Fatah, on Thursday has alleged that Mamata Banerjee is not ready to hear anything against Pakistan and that is the reason the West Bengal government cancelled an event on Balochistan.

Fatah who was scheduled to speak on the topic of Balochistan and its freedom from Pakistan, told ANI, “I am myself surprised that Kolkata police pressurized the Calcutta club, obviously on the instructions of Mamta Banerjee’s government to stop the Baloch event as the Muslims of the state will feel pinched.”

He said the West Bengal government’s move is very surprising as Pakistan has been committing atrocities in Balochistan from past 70 years killing thousands of people.

“If it had happened due to someone’s foolishness, it is understandable but if it was deliberately cancelled by Mamata government then it is a dangerous thing as she thinks that Muslims of the state are pro -Pakistani,” said Fatah.

Fatah said the email that the organisers had received from the club stated that the event was cancelled as it might lead to communal riots. (ANI)