Mamata Banerjee Justifies Chief Secretary Giving Reply To Election Commission’s Letter

Memari, West Bengal: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Monday justified chief secretary giving reply to the showcause notice served to her by the Election Commission, saying the letter was addressed to the chief minister.

“Reply was sought (by EC) from me as Chief Minister. Whether I give the reply or the chief secretary, it was not an issue. If they sought reply from me as Trinamool Congress leader I would have given reply from the party,” Banerjee told an election meeting in West Bengal.

Trinamool Congress on Sunday said that the EC letter had addressed her as chief minister and hence the reply by the chief secretary was justified.

During his poll campaign, Prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stated, “Either TMC, or its lawyer or Mamataji herself should have given the reply. But if it is true that chief secretary has sent the reply, it was a violation of the model code and misuse of government machinery,” he pointed out.

Targeting BJP, the TMC supremo said, “Delhi is insulting Bengal and me. They are unleashing terror and atrocity. They are trying to influence all institutions. But I am not the person who will accept it. I will give reply inch by inch after the election. I will not tolerate it”.

“Congress and CPI(M) may sell their flags but I will not. BJP has not done anything. Don’t vote for them”, she said.

Banerjee further said, “Just because we are contesting election, we will not bow down our head”, she asserted.

The Trinamool supremo said that when voting machines will be opened they will see. “Keep your head cool, victory is for Trinamool”