Mamata Banerjee dares CBI to arrest her and all TMC MPs and MLAs

Barasat: Renewing her attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetisation and arrest of her party MPs, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today dared the CBI to arrest her and all TMC MPs and MLAs.

“Sudip Bandyopadhyay was arrested because he has protested (against demonetisation). There was no evidence. Tapas Pal (MP) was also arrested. You arrest all our MPs and MLAs including me. I want to see how much space you have in jail,” she said while inaugurating the ‘Jatra Utsav’ here.

“People cannot protest. If you protest Conspiracy Bureau of India (CBI) will arrest you. But don’t get scared. Go on fighting,” she said.

Claiming that the Rose Valley chit fund scam case had links with LIC, Banerjee said “You find out. But, will the Finance Minister or the Prime Minister be arrested for that?” she asked.

“I am the only one shouting against demonetisation. I have no interest. I am fighting for the people. The country’s economy has slowed down. Modi government will be responsible if there is a price rise and starvation,” the TMC supreme said.

Banerjee said “Even Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was replaced by that of PM Narendra Modi (in the 2017 calendar and diary of Khadi and Village Industries Commission). After sometime you will find his picture on currency notes. It is Gandhiji’s charkha. Just imagine what is happening in the country.”

Stating that all the white money of the common people was deposited in the banks, she asked “Where is the black money? Modi government could not bring black money even from Switzerland.”

Banerjee alleged that to support a few big business houses, the Modi government has brought disaster for the country.

“They are advocating for plastic money. They are asking women to leave their batua (purse)…they will not leave their batuas, rather they will stop voting for you,” she said.