Mallu Ravi Condemns KCR’s comments on LA Act 2013

Strongly condemning the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for dubbing the Land Acquisition Act-2013 as a waste one, TPCC Vice-president Dr Mallu Ravi alleged that the state government has brought new Land Acquisition Act only to take away the lands forcibly from the people.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Thursday,  Ravi said that it was not proper for  KCR, who was a member of the then Lok Sabha when the Land Acquisition Act-2013 was prepared, to ridicule the  Act. As per 107 and 108 sections of the Land Acquisition Act-2013, the state governments have the right to prepare a new Land Acquisition Act but the Acts should  be better than the 2013 Act,  he  said and alleged that the state government’s new Act was designed to  acquire the lands forcefully by threatening the land owners.


He alleged that the state government was not in a position to tell whether it had prepared a new Act or amendments to 2013 Act. The new Act of the state government would abolish the right of the people on their own land, he alleged. He said that the present TRS government was preparing the Acts with ignorance, and added that the Congress party was condemning the attitude of the ruling party, which was behaving in  a suppressive manner against the voices of opposition parties. (NSS)