Mallika Sherawat kissed a snake!

Mumbai, September 30: Kissing a handsome male co-star who’s just emptied a spray of mouth-freshener is easy, but locking lips with a slithery snake with its icky fangs is indeed a big feat.

Mallika Sherawat holds the distinction of being the first Bollywood actress to have kissed a snake in her upcoming thriller Hissss directed by Jennifer Lynch.

Mallika was expectedly queasy before the liplock with the serpent and it took a lot of egging on from Lynch and many retakes for Mallika to get the kiss right.

“In my previous films, I had to kiss – but they were all humans. Here, I was kissing a snake with Jennifer yelling out to me, ‘Mallika, look passionate, you are the naagin’. There were so many retakes and the snake was rubbery, slimy,” Mallika is quoted as saying in an interview.

Her fans have been waiting a long time for the release of Hissss. Now, the good news is that the film will finally make it to the theatres on October 22. And guess what? Mallika is already hissssing with excitement.