Mallanna Sagar Project for the heroic struggle for survival against this authoritarian KCR rule.

The last two years of TRS government failed to meet people expectations. Now suddenly KCR brought redesign of projects, which are hastily and unscientifically conceived, lacking transparency, DPRs, improper designs, floating projects ideas verbally all looks to be deceptive in propose. People are becoming restless resulting in debasement of human values with lurking danger to democracy resulting in mass-suffering. No focus of states towards agriculture is creating untold misery to rural masses.

Curretly, Mallanna Sagar Project under these circumstances is a stark reality to the action of KCR government has provoked strong reaction from submergence of 14 villages under Toguta and Kondapak Mandals in Medak District.

First of all let us salute the team spirit of villages under Mallanna Sagar Project for the heroic struggle for survival against this authoritarian KCR rule.

The concept of GRAM SWARAJ practiced for centuries has given all the powers to the people of  the villagers. Nobody has right to interfere in village affairs not even Police. Even if a leaf has to move Gramsabhas permission was a must. Politicians should understand that their power is on account of people only. PEOPLE are SUPREM.

With regard to Mallanna Sagar Project, some of the facts are that it cannot with stand 50 TMC water, it is 16 times bigger then Osman Sagar (Gandipet). One should remember that Gateway of Krishna water into Telangana state is through Jurala Project, which is designed for 11 TMC only and through which 800 TMC flows into Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Prakasam barrage as well as Telugu Ganga. From this point of view Mallanna Sagar Project is ill designed or infact hiding Truth for something else, thus suspecting the very intentions of Government. If it is dubious then the only possibility is to encourage industries in the area.

All such ill-conceived projects, designs and ideas are to be nipped at the budding stage only.The best thing under these circumstances is to advocate among the engineers and politicians through various forums and organizing roundtable conferences about non-viability of Mallana Sagar Project.

It is to highlight that the governments ill conceived ideas are supported by certain individuals just for a position after retirement. It is hope that the government is not creating scenario of pitting people against people, a dangerous idea not even thought of by erstwhile ANDHRA RULERS, thus KCR seems to be even worse. Present governments every project design is camouflaged with ulterior motives.

We are always with development of people, but against projects designed for the benefit of legislators, contractors and engineers.

Telangana people, awake and beware of such tactics and resist such anti-people activities, by TRS Government.

Mallanna Sagar: Issues and Solutions


1. 1,840 families and 20,000 people will be displaced.

2. Compensation as per GO 123 is Rs.5-6 lakhs per acre.

3. As per Act 2013 the possible compensation is Rs. 30-40 lakhs per acre.

4. Number of other displaced professions will become beggars.

5. 50 TMC of project is ill conceived, indicating ulterior motive of selling lands at higher rate to prospective MNC industries through Benami.

6. All the ministers, TRS leaders, Retired Engineers are talking without proper understanding of the issue. They are behaving like psycho pants.

7. The role of Hon’ble Irrigation Minister Harish Rao is anti-people and creating disturbances/clashes among the people to achieve their ulterior motives. This is creating tension among the people resulting into quarrels. His act is undemocratic insulting humanity and indicating his dark side of his personality. This is highly abhor-able and deserves condemnation from all sides. This cannot achieve Bangaru Telangana.


1. Hon’ble CM should speak out and chide Harish Rao for his anti-democratic stand and remove him from ministry and restore confidence in the people and democracy.

2. Accept GoI Act 2013 for implementation.

3. Lands from the beneficiaries to be given to likely displaced persons and families with rehabilitation package; while compensation to be paid to beneficiaries for sharing the land.

4. Transparency and openness is required with regard to Detailed Project Reports (DPR) which is to be uploaded on the official website.

5. Conduct a meeting at Mallanna Sagar and boost the sagging morale of the people who are affected with necessary help including free medical and education benefits to them.

These are some of the recommendations from Man & Environment in the interest of Swaraj the long cherished dream of Shri Mahatma Gandhi.

Justice B.Chandra Kumar Prof. R.Ramesh Reddy P.Srinivasa Reddy

High Court Judge (Retd.) Ex – Dean & Principal, OU Advocate & Engineer