Mallanna Sagar: Issues and Solutions by Professor Ramesh Reddy

1.      1,840 families and 20,000  people will be displaced.
2.      Compensation as per GO 123 is Rs.5-6 lakhs per acre.
3.      As per Act 2013 the possible compensation is Rs. 35-40 lakhs per acre.
4.      Number of other displaced professions will become beggars.
5.      50 TMC of project is ill conceived, indicating ulterior motive of selling lands at higher rate to prospective MNC industries through Benami.
6.      All the ministers, TRS leaders, Retired Engineers are talking without proper understanding of the issue.  They are behaving like psycho pants.
7.      The role of Hon’ble Irrigation Minister Harish Rao is anti-people and creating disturbances/clashes among the people to achieve their ulterior motives.  This is creating tension among the people resulting into quarrels.  His act is undemocratic insulting humanity and indicating his dark side of his personality. This is highly abhor-able and deserves condemnation from all sides.
1.      Hon’ble CM should speak out and chide Harish Rao for his anti-democratic stand remove him from ministry and restore confidence in the people and democracy.
2.      Accept GO Act 2013 for implementation.
3.      Lands from the beneficiaries to be given to likely displaced persons and families with rehabilitation package; while compensation to be paid to beneficiaries for sharing the land.
4.      Transparency and openness is required with regard to Detailed Project Reports (DPR) which is to be on the official website.
5.      Conduct a meeting at Mallanna Sagar and boost the sagging morale of the people who are affected with free medical and education benefits to them.
These are some of the recommendations from Swagrama Seva in the interest of Swaraj the long cherished dream of Shri Mahatma Gandhi.
Prof. Ramesh R Reddy