Mall goers astonished by the real Santa Claus in Select City Walk mall

New Delhi [India]: Christmas is the time of love, laughter and happiness shared among families, companions, friends and acquaintances all around the world.

To keep this tradition alive, every December the real Santa Claus from Finland leaves from his home in Lapland, Northern Finland and visits many countries all around the world.

This year Santa decided to visit India! With his distinct “Ho, Ho, Ho” baritone voice and the signature red bag full of goodies, Santa made his way to meet and greet the crowd in Select City Walk, New Delhi.

Santa said, “I am so excited to visit India and meet Indian people of all ages. As an ambassador of good will and peace, I wish to spread the magic of love and happiness where ever I go. I hope to meet many people during my trip and hear their stories. I am also looking forward to visiting important sights in India and, of course, tasting Indian food.”

The man that we all grew up loving, who always came dressed in the reminiscing red suit, with his sparkling white beard and child-like charm, visited Select City Walk mall and enchanted the mall goers with his charisma.

It was a memorable moment for people visiting the mall after they witnessed and realised that the imaginary man who flew around the world in his reindeer sleigh, distributing gifts for children, leaving cookie bread crumbs as a sign of his visit; was right there in front of them distributing gifts to doting children.

Santa’s visit to the mall astonished many Indians as he celebrated the Christmas magic with everyone, making this year’s Christmas merrier than ever!

The Real Santa Claus’ India visit became a reality with the help of the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi. The Embassy of Finland enhances cooperation, trade and economic ties between Finland and India. They also follow India’s vibrant domestic policy, its development as well as foreign and security policies. The relations between India and Finland have always been good and free of political problems.

Apart from topping many international indexes, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher, Lonely Planet, ranks Finland as The Third Best Travel Destination for 2017. Finland welcomes Indian travelers to Finland to explore not only Northern lights but also to its pristine nature, appealing and urban city culture, not to forget, great food! The direct flight connection between Helsinki and Delhi, operated by Finnair since 2006, forms the fastest gateway from India to Europe. (ANI)