Malegaon: Wasim risked his own life to save 5 Hindus from being lynched

MALEGAON: Hours after five people lynched in Dhule district of Maharashtra on suspicion of being child lifters, a Muslim youth risked his own lives to save five Hindus from being lynched.

According to Times Of India reports, the incident took place in ​​Manmad area of Nasik district.

The violent mob of thousands would have lynch the five people including a 2-year old toddler on suspicious of being child-lifting gang if the brave local Muslim youth wouldn’t risked his life and rescued them.

The youth identified as Shaikh Wasim Shaikh Karim, a fruit-seller, initially tried to explain the angry crowd that these people are not members of a child kidnapping gang. Wasim’s uncle Rashid Rashanwala also reached the spot and tried to explain the crowd. But the crowd pays no heed to him and attempted to attack them.

Not bothering about his life, Wasim rescued them from the clutches of the crowd and hid them in the house and a small mill stocking textile raw material. But the crowd angry attacked the house demanding the five people to be handed over.

After a brief notice, a police team rushed the spot to saved the victims from the violent mob who also targeted a police van and a bike.

The police lauded the Rashid Rationwala, his nephew Wasim Shaikh & Aafrin Sizing owners for saving the five from the violent mob.

Rationwala said, “We want to send out a message that Muslims don’t kill, they save people. I kept the five in my house to save humanity.”

Rumour videos and images of ‘bachcha chor,’ (child-lifters) doing the rounds on social media like WhatsApp result in the lynching of any unknown persons by angry mobs has sent shock-waves across the country.