Maldives stirs fresh security challenges for India, partners with Pakistan

Maldives stirs fresh security challenges for India, partners with Pakistan

New Delhi: Maldives has recently stirred up fresh security challenges for India by choosing Pakistan to partner over a power sector agreement.

The officials of Maldives State Electricity company Stelco had visited Pakistan last week to sign in a MoU of cooperation in “institution-building” activities and the timing for signing this MoU amidst the Maldives no more issuing work permits to Indians on projects handled by India is also an increasing challenge for India, TOI reported.

Now India is quite curious to find the cause of these new developments by the Maldives since Stelco’s major projects are already consigned to Chinese companies.

“Given its precarious financial situation, Pakistan cannot do much to help Maldives. But President Yameen is trying his best to reduce Indian footprint and bring in elements hostile to India to undermine Indian influence in Maldives,” said an Indian official on the recent step taken by Maldives Stelco.

The Maldives has also reminded India of the deadline that has expired for removing its naval choppers amidst being evasive on accepting India’s Dornier aircraft.

“The talk about Dornier seems to have all along been a deceptive tactic of Male meant to soften its decision to get rid of Indian helicopters. Yameen actually doesn’t want any Indian footprint in Maldives,” said an Indian official source.

Further speaking on it, the source also said though India has offered the aircraft in 2016 for Maldives, Male until now, has got received everything on a platter given by India, how can it now alone afford high end aircraft maintenance.