Malcolm Turnbull to be Australia’s new PM

Malcolm Turnbull is set to become Australia’s new prime minister. Tony Abbott has been ousted by a multi Millionaire, former tech entrepreneur,banker and lawyer Turnbull.

After beating Tony Abbott by 54 votes to 44 in a snap Liberal party ballot and promising the country a new, respectful, slogan-free leadership style.

Mr Turnbull said he assumed that parliament would serve its full term, implying no snap general election.

The new leader will be Australia’s fourth prime minister since 2013.
He vowed his would be a thoroughly liberal government committed to freedom, the individual and the market.

“It’ll be focussed on ensuring that in the years ahead as the world becomes more and more competitive and greater opportunities arise, we are able to take advantage of that,” he said.

Mr Turnbull will meet with the Abbott ministry on Tuesday and said ministers could choose to stay on for the remainder of the week.

Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop, who will remain foreign minister, is confident Mr Turnbull has the passion, energy and vision to lead the country during “this challenging time”.