‘Malayalis who ate beef’ entitled to such calamities: Ugly response to Kerala flood

Thiruvananthapuram: As Kerala faces one of its worst-ever calamities due to torrential rain and floods and the state is getting solidarity and support from all corners but some irresponsible people in society attributing the floods to beef eating.

Some nitizens on social media platforms uses beef as an excuse to spread hateful and bigoted viewpoint to justify the fact that Malayalis is facing God’s wrath because people there are eating beef and warn them that need to stop eating beef else will face such calamities.

The unexpected criticism especially during this dire situation sounds appalling. Here are some of the responses that were doing the rounds on Twitter.



Kerala has been facing unusually high rainfall since early August, which has led to statewide floods taking several lives and causing severe damage.

The death toll continues to rise with more than two lakh people displaced and rendered homeless.