Malala speaks up on Rohingya issue, urges Suu Kyi to condemn attacks – Here is her full statement

London: Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Nobel Laureate in a statement issued on her Twitter account, urged Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s first State Counsellor to condemn the attacks on Rohingya Muslims.

In the statement, said, “Every time I see the news, my heart breaks at the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar”.

She called for the stop of violence and asked that if Myanmar is not the home of Rohingya Muslims, where they have lived for generations?. She further requested all nations to follow Bangladesh and provide shelter, food and education to Rohingya Muslims.

Malala spoke up on Rohingya due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. According to United Nations, A total of 87,000 mostly Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh since violence erupted in neighbouring Myanmar on August 25.

Thousands of the stateless Muslim minority have fled mainly Buddhist Myanmar and poured over the border since the latest round of fighting broke out.

Their arrival has piled yet more pressure on already overcrowded camps in Bangladesh and raised fears of a humanitarian crisis as aid agencies struggle to cope with the influx of mainly women and children.

Around 20,000 more were massed on the border waiting to enter, the UN said in a report.

Suu Kyi is under increasing fire over her perceived unwillingness to speak out against the treatment of the Rohingya, who are viewed as interlopers in Myanmar. The Nobel peace laureate, a former political prisoner of Myanmar’s junta, has made no public comment since the latest fighting broke out.