Telangana: Rescued animals during Eid

Hyderabad: A joint collaboration of animal activists and police, as many as thirty camels brought from Rajasthan for joyrides were rescued on Sunday from Malakpet region.

“The owners will be allowed to keep the camels now on condition that they won’t be sold to slaughterhouses or illegally transported to other places. In November, they will be sent back to Rajasthan. We have tagged the camels to monitor their movement around the state,” said an animal welfare activist.

The city-based activists rescued over 110 camels alone this year which were either being used for joyriding or transported to slaughterhouses.

As per data provided by Telangana Goshala Federation, nearly 10,000 cows, bulls and camels are slaughtered within GHMC limits during the festive season.

“These 10 camels will be sent back to Rajasthan right away. We are arranging for their proper transportation. Though it will cost us a lot, we need to ensure the comfort of the animals,” said one of the activists.