Malaika Arora’s relationship with Arjun Kapoor has left Salman Khan outraged?

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor’s new found relationship has not gone down well with Salman Khan who was Malaika’s brother-in-law before she and Arbaaz got divorced.

According to the report published by Deccan Chronicle, “Arjun first dated Salman’s youngest sister Arpita. He broke up with her and became friends with Malaika Arora who was married to Arbaaz Khan. That was when Salman began to get annoyed with Arjun.”

He convinced Salman that he would never do anything to hurt the Khan family. But after Malaika’s divorce from Arbaaz Khan, her public appearances with Arjun and rumours all around of their impending marriage, Salman is outraged.”

The same report also suggests that Salman has in fact banned Arjun and Boney Kapoor from entering his house or visiting him for whatsoever reasons in future.

As of now, the report is not known if its true or just a rumour doing the rounds.