Makkah Masjid: Outer wall, minaret suffer damage due to construction activities

Hyderabad: The apathy shown by the state’s archaeology department with regard to the historic Makka Masjid is causing anger and despair among the Muslims in the city. The department and mosque officials, who failed to ensure restoration and renovation works on time, are turning a blind eye on alleged illegal construction activities abutting the mosque wall.

First, the mosque’s ceiling and walls suffered damage due to the non completion of repairing works since three years. Construction activity by private persons abutting the outer wall of the mosque, to allegedly change its status quo, is causing a great deal of anxiety among the local Muslims and the worshippers.

These illegal construction activities are going on in spite of the matter being brought to the notice of Waqf Board and the mosque officials.

The local Muslims accused the the department officials have no interest in safeguarding the historic mosque, which dates back to the 17th century, belonging to the Qutb Shahi era (1518-1687).  Since the responsibility of maintaining Makkah Masjid is under the charge of Department of Minority Affairs, Waqf Board officials are apparently unable to stop any illegal construction activities.

It is to be noted that illegal construction activity is going on since many days abutting the mosque wall from Panch Mohallla side.  The construction activity caused damage to small minarets and wall’s artwork, said locals.

According to the law, no construction, digging or excavation activity is allowed around the historical sites.  But due to political influence, things are often kept quiet. Local residents also made a representation to the chairman of the Waqf Board Mohammed Salim who assured that he would take up the matter with the ASI and Department of Minority Affairs.