Makkah Masjid fund unutilised

Hyderabad: Although the state government had sanctioned Rs 8.48 crore last year for the maintenance of the historical Makkah Masjid, the amount wasn’t spent. Not even a single work has been carried out till date.

According to news published in Deccan Chronicle, devotees and authorities of the mosque rue over not carrying out the maintenance works, even as the holy month of Ramadan is nearing.

Mr Quadeer Siddiqui superintendent of the masjid revealed that the funds sanctioned by the state government through Waqf Board were not spent. The funds should have been used for the regular maintenance of mosque like changing the prayer mats, painting the walls, carrying out the patch works, paying salaries and bills etc. He lamented that even the staff salary has been pending for the past four months.

Mr. Quadeer also informed that meanwhile the Archaeological Survey of India had collected samples by digging pits, which he feels is too late, as the month of Ramadan is nearing. He says as the cracks in the ceiling and walls have not been filled, the water will start seeping in from the rooftop once the monsoon begins and devotees will face problems. He reminded that Ramadan falls in both summer and the monsoon, this year.

On the other hand Charminar MLA Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri is confident that the maintenance work will be completed well before Ramadan. He said they were waiting for the tender announcement.

Minority Welfare Department Chairman Syed Omar Jaleel revealed that the state government has announced grant-in aid of Rs 8.48 crore for Makkah Masjid.