Makkah Masjid: Eight inches deep crack found in the arch

Hyderabad: Makkah Masjid is at risk as a massive crack was found in one of the arches of the masjid.

According to the report published in New Indian Express, the crack is 8 inches deep and 10 inches wide. Apart from the crack, patches of water seepage were also found inside the masjid’s domes.

Reacting on it, Mr. Mir Khan, Sub-Contractor for the renovation of the monuments blamed Laxmi Haricon Pvt. Ltd. He said that despite the fact that waterproofing of the domes was done in the month of January this year, water seepage was noticed.

Responding to Mr. Mir Khan’s allegation, Mr. Srinivas Sulge, Managing Director of Laxmi Haricon said that waterproofing was done in three domes only.