Makkah Madina Alauddin wakf building tenants negotiate with Chairman Wakf Board for rent

Hyderabad: The tenants of Makkah Madina Alauddin wakf located at Madina building negotiated with Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman, Telangana State Wakf Board. The Chairman gave them one week’s time to become tenants of Wakf Board and also to pay the arrears of rents.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Saleem had convened the meeting of these tenants as part of the campaign to increase the income of Wakf Board.

Out of 700 shop owners, 30-35 tenants representing the other tenants visited Haj House for negotiations. Heated arguments were exchanged between the officials of Wakf Board and the tenants. The tenants were not in a mood to pay the arrears. They contended that who to recognize as the owner of the buildings since both the parties namely Makkah Madina Alauddin Wakf and Wakf Board are claiming ownership.

It may be mentioned that for the collecting rents, Makkah Madina Alauddin Trust is active for the past three years whereas Wakf Board did not take any action. The tenants told that let the ownership issue be decided first and then they would think of paying rents. They stated that for the past 30 years, they have been paying rents regularly to Makkah Madina Alauddin Trust. Mr. Saleem clarified that these shops are owned by Wakf Board. He said that one week’s time is given to the tenants to execute rental deeds, otherwise, action would be taken against them under section 54 of Wakf Act. He further informed that in the legal battle, the status of Wakf Board is strong. It is, therefore, better for the shop owners to become the tenants of Wakf Board instead of the trust.

The chairman informed them that for the past 4 years, these shops are under the direct control of Wakf Board. He informed that by dismantling the central portion of the shops a multi-storey complex would be constructed. He also informed that Mutawalli has no ownership rights on these shops as he has been suspended.

The tenants informed the chairman that Wakf Board officials collected rents only once during the past four years and after that, the officials of Makkah Madina Alauddin Trust have been receiving rents.

CEO of Wakf Board Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui told them that if they do not decide to become the tenants of Wakf Board, legal action would be taken against them. He said that Wakf Board has full powers for their eviction. After long discussions and knowing the status of both the parties, it has been decided to hold another meeting next week.

–Siasat News