Making mistakes and learning from them important: Harry Styles

New york: Singer Harry Styles believes it is important to make mistakes and learn from them.

The 23-year-old former One Direction star says being flawless and perfect is an unrealistic ambition, reported USA Today.

“To me, the only example to set that’s good is being honest. It’s not a good example to set to not make any mistakes because I don’t think it’s realistic.

“I think making mistakes and learning from them is a much better example to set for people. And if I want someone to listen to the album and take away anything from it, it’s that if you’re trying to do something that you love, you should be yourself, and be honest with it, and not try and hide and allow yourself to be vulnerable,” Styles says.

The singer says his self-titled debut solo album exposes some of his own vulnerabilities.

“A lot of the album is me trying to prove to myself that I can do something, and I obviously hope that people like it.

“But be honest, and be open, and be vulnerable, is something I hope people take from it,” he says.