Makers of Family Man S2 face backlash; netizens call it ‘Anti-Tamil’

Chennai: The latest trailer for Amazon Prime’s Family Man season 2 dropped on Wednesday and got its fans pumped up for the upcoming season. While one side of the internet was all excited, a section of the society has raised objections against the portrayal of Tamilians in the web series.

Manoj Bajpayee, who launched the trailer of The Family Man season 2 on May 19, is facing severe backlash on Twitter. A section of the society has taken to social media to accuse the web series of depicting Tamil Nadu state in a bad light. They have denounced the series as ‘anti-Tamil’. 

In the trailer that has surfaced online, one can see Srikant Tiwari (Bajpayee) up against the ‘new face of danger’, a fictional extremist leader played by Samantha Akkineni. Followed by this, many netizens were raged and started trending tags like #ShameOnYouSamantha and #FamilyMan2_against_Tamils.

After seeing the trailer, many have also demanded a public apology from the series directors Raj and DK.

Why the outrage against Family Man S2 trailer?

People who have raised objections against Family Man 2 feel that Samantha’s militant character is being branded as a terrorist and that the Tamil community is being portrayed as terrorists. Samantha’s character seems to be fighting for an independent state for Ethnic Tamils, a spill-over of the 1983 conflict which stemmed in Sri Lanka where government forces and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who were in conflict.

Towards the end of the decades-long Sri Lankan civil war, the LTTE had effectively formed a functioning military state, with its own infrastructure, in the northern Tamil majority region of the island. And the town of Kilinochchi was its capital.

The LTTE had been fighting against the Sri Lankan government – which serves the interests of the Sinhalese majority – in an attempt to see the formation of an independent state, known as Tamil Eelam. 

About Family Man Season 2

The award-winning series marks the digital debut of South superstar Samantha Akkineni who joins the stellar ensemble cast including Bajpayee, Priyamani, along with incredible talent from across India, including Sharib Hashmi, Seema Biswas, Darshan Kumar, Sharad Kelkar, Sunny Hinduja, Shreya Dhanwantary, Shahab Ali, Vedant Sinha and Mahek Thakur.