Make raising Pak flag a heinous crime: Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena today demanded the government to declare ‘raising Pakistani flags and chanting pro-Pakistan slogans’ by the separatists a heinous crime equivalent to murder and make provision for harsher punishment for such act.

Led by its leader Dimpy Kohli, Shiv Sainiks today protested against raising of Pakistan flags and chanting of pro-Pakistan slogans by the separatists in Kashmir valley, in Srinagar and other south Kashmir areas.

Amid anti-Pakistan and separatist slogans, they also burnt the effigies of separatists.

Kohli said waving of Pakistani flags and chanting of pro- Pakistan slogans was becoming a routine in Kashmir, which cannot be tolerated.

“They are forgetting that from Kashmir to Kanyakumari India is one and no anti-national act would be tolerated on this soil,” he said, adding that the government should deal with such situation with iron hand.

“We appeal to lawmakers to make stringent laws to deal with such anti-national activities. It should be treated as heinous crime equivalent to murder, and death should be the punishment for such acts,” he demanded.