Make me CM, will change Rayalseema: Pawan Kalyan

Tirupati: Tollywood actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has sent out an open challenge for anyone and everyone who could stop him from becoming from the next CM of Andhra Pradesh.

While addressing a massive rally, in Kadapa District on his second day tour the state, the Jana Sena chief said, “Rayalaseema region has earned the dubious distinction of being the hinterland of faction for several decades now. This reputation has turned out to be a curse because several chief ministers who got elected from here have done nothing. But I promise you to restore the glory of Seema by routing out faction and by ensuring rapid progress on all fronts,” TOI reports.

“If you make me the CM for 10 years, Rayalaseema will witness comprehensive development which was not possible during the tenures of erstwhile chief minister’s from here. If you send me to the assembly with sufficient strength, I will ensure lakhs of jobs are created to address the unemployment issue,” Pawan asserted.

“Now the responsibility is on you to ensure a change is definitely brought about in the 2019 elections. Every single ballot should have Jana Sena’s mark and I will see who can stop me from becoming chief minister of the state in 2019,” Pawan challenged.