How to make most of your Bleisure trip?

New Delhi [India]: Befitting into the corporate world often obliges professionals to often travel for work trips away from friends and family and miss important occasions like anniversaries, birthdays etc. At times, travelling for work can turn into fatiguing and unavoidable experiences. It is only recently that newer concepts of travel experience such as ‘Bleisure trips’ has come as a way out, where corporate travel allows people to take their families along and utilize the business travel time as a small family vacation, among other similar categories, which are still germinating from the changing travel patterns of professionals.

Here are few tips from Shubham Khurana, Director of Brand Marketing, Treebo Hotels, to turn your mundane work trips into Bleisure travels:

Stay in style: Does the sound of work trips conjure up an image of being cooped up in a functional and Spartan accommodation? Well, not anymore. Some of the quality budget accommodation options ensure you have a comfortable, hassle-free, and delightful experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Choose the right location: Make your stay plans in hotels near the city centre and other popular spots you’d like to experience. It would be amore cost-efficient approach if the tourist destinations arewithin walking distance ensuring that your family will always have something to do even while you’re away for that long and crucial business meeting!

Make your experience unique: Skip standing in long queues to see popular tourist spots. Instead live your own experience. Explore the nooks and corners which otherwise go unnoticed by typical tourists. Moreover, most of these unconventional spots are best for photography.

Research in advance: While you’re on a regular vacation, you have ample time to meander through the streets and find local eateries that look promising. However, when you’re at day-long work, it is not that easy to zero in on the best places to eat and party after a tedious day. Read up extensively on the city you’re visiting before-hand and prepare a list of all those places you’d like to go to treat your taste buds.

Time it correctly: Plan your meetings on Mondays or Fridays. This way, you will have the weekend before or after your meeting to explore theplacewithout losing your paid holidays. Also, try not to schedule the meetings before 11AM. This way, you the early morning time to stroll around the city and grab a cup of coffee with some nice local breakfast. Tempted, aren’t you?(ANI)