Be your own make-up artist on friend’s D-Day

New Delhi: If you don’t wish to spend extra money hiring a beautician to look your best on your friend’s wedding day, you can do your own make-up and still look flawless, says an expert.

Manisha Chopra, Co-Founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, has shared a few tips to get the perfect look:

* Experiment with your looks: Prior to your friend’s wedding, conduct multiple trials at home with your beauty essentials along with your attire. Also, do not forget to click pictures under different kinds of lighting to understand which make-up will suit your face and skin tone the best. This way, you will be able to figure out whether to tone down your make-up or not.

* Cleansing and moisturising: Make sure you cleanse and moisturise your skin well before you apply any kind of make-up. A moisturiser will act as a base to the make-up applied and prevent your dry skin from absorbing the products or settle into your wrinkles and fine lines. After you are done with moisturising your skin, use a primer as it helps to blur all the imperfections and makes your make-up last longer.

* Use products that will stay for long: Long lasting and waterproof products are a must if you want the make-up to last the whole day. After all, it is your friend’s wedding, which means you need to be present for all the functions from morning to evening. So, use products that can help in keeping your make-up remain intact through the sweat, dust, tears and hugs.

* Keep a damp sponge or brush handy: Apply the foundation with a damp sponge or brush as this will give a sheer finish to your look. Avoid using hands to apply foundation as it can leave fingerprints and will not give you the desired finish. Choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone. A foundation will also help to hide your wrinkles and pores. Blend the foundation well onto your jaw lines, neck and chest. The blemishes or spots on your face can be hidden with the help of a concealer.

* Enhance your eye and brow make-up: Fill in your brow with a brow pencil that is a shade or two lighter than your original brows. Use some shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes and opt for darker eye shadows on the outside of eyes. If you are used to nude shadows, then retain the same with some shimmer and lay off the darker shades if that’s not what you are used to.

* Keep most of your make-up natural: A caked-up face takes away the charm and can ruin your entire look. Keep your make-up simple and natural as much as possible to stay beautiful.