Majuli-the land which still awaits govt.’s attention

Majuli (Assam) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will kick-off the BJP’s poll campaign in Assam tomorrow by addressing public meetings in Tinsukia, Majuli, Bihpuria, Bokakhat and Jorhat.

He will become the first Prime Minister to visit Majuli, an island located in between river Brahmaputra and Lohit.

The people have pinned high hopes and expectations from the visit of Prime Minister Modi, who will also address a gathering of 8,000 people on the Kerala Gaon field in Garmur area of the island.

The Prime Minister will also be addressing rallies at Rangapara and Hailakandi on Sunday.

Majuli, which is the biggest river island in the world, holds a 60-decade old cultural heritage landscape. However, the landscape still awaits basic development despite 67 years of independence. The landscape is connected with the Jorhat town only by a 50-minute long ferry boat service.

The beautiful island, with a total area of 1,250 square kilometers, still is a victim of government’s negligence. Many governments in Assam, including the AGP, and present Congress government, which is ruling since last 15 years, have failed to build a connecting bridge to Majuli from Jorhat.

The lack of means of proper connectivity and transport has adversely affected the development of the island, with Majuli not getting the due heads up. Majuli needs good roads within and connectivity from the main city Jorhat.

However, in the upcoming polls, the development of this region is going to be on top agenda, at least for the BJP, as its chief ministerial candidate Sarbananda Sonwal is contesting from Majuli.

Locals are very hopeful from this visit of first ever Indian Prime Minister. A 38-year-old local resident named Basant Das said that he is expecting a lot from Prime Minster Modi’s visit.

Head of four-member family, Basant explains the mythological value of Majuli and how Lord Krishna with his wife Rukmani while departing to swarga left her lotus in Majuli.

Majuli goes on polling in the first phase of the elections on April 4. (ANI)