Majority community badly hit by demonetisation, Muslims slightly affected: Mohammed Saleem

Hyderabad: Every citizen of the country is severely hit by demonetisation move taken by the government but the majority community of the country faced the maximum brunt while the problems faced by the Muslims of the country are temporary, claimed Mohammed Saleem MLC. He added, a very small part of the Muslim community is rich. Among the Muslims only those are in trouble, who had accumulated unaccounted wealth for political investment or personal gains. In the current situation he advised Muslims in general and small businessmen in particular to set down their business principles and carry out business activities as per law.

Mr. Saleem claimed that gold businessman faced the maximum brunt due to demonetisation and Muslims do not account even 1 pc of them. Similarly there are politicians who have accumulated wealth through unfair means. Muslims do not form a major chunk of this section either. Looking at the non-association of Muslims with banking system and Sachar Committee Report we can get the clear picture of condition of Muslims in the country.

Industrialists are very angry over Modi’s move as they have to face loss to the tune of crores of rupees while Muslims make a negligible part of this section too.

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