All major rivers except two below danger mark

New Delhi: Bihar Water Resources Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh allayed fears triggered by seepage of water in the left embankment of Punpun river in the district, saying it has been blocked and most major rivers were flowing below danger marks.

“No doubt the water levels of Kamlabalan and Punpun rivers are flowing above their danger mark but there is nothing to worry. All the embankments, including left embankment on Punpun river, are safe.

“We all are alert for your (people’s) safety and security and the department is keeping a constant tab on it,” Singh told reporters here.

The seepage in the left embankment of Punpun started from its sluice on September 13 following heavy rains in its catchment areas. But the seepage was blocked the same night by the department’s engineers, he said, adding that all sluice gates of the embankment have been repaired and strengthened.

The engineers of the department, including the engineer- in-chief and principal secretary had inspected the area yesterday and found it “completely safe”.

The water resources department has a stock of 10,000 sand bags to tackle any flood situation, he said.

Singh said apart from spate in Punpun river, which is flowing 268 cm above the danger mark of 50.6 m, Kamlabalan is also flowing 60 cm above danger mark of 50 m but was posing no threat on any embankment.

“All other rivers of the state are flowing below the danger mark and there is nothing to worry,” he said, assuring that all the embankments and other structures made Kosi, Gandak, Sone, Baghmati, Burhi Gandak and Ganga rivers completely safe.

Singh said Ghorasahan canal in East Champaran district was damaged at four points due to heavy rains that led to spate in Mardhar river.

Repair work had been carried out at three points and efforts are on to repair the damage at the fourth point on the canal which is expected to be completed by this evening.
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