Major mishap averted: Indigo-SpiceJet planes come face-to-face at IGI in Delhi

New Delhi: A major mishap was averted at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here on Tuesday morning after an Indigo and a SpiceJet aircraft came face to face on the taxiway.

“An Indigo flight 6C-729 which was came from Lucknow to Delhi with 176 passengers on board, post landing, saw on the taxiway a SpiceJet aircraft in front of it,” Indigo spokesperson told IANS.

“Following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the Captain-in-Command took the decision of switching off the engine and reported the incident to Air Traffic Control (ATC),” he said.

The spokesperson also said that the matter has been reported to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

In a statement, the official also clarified that “there has been no unfortunate incident or close shave-off as reported by a section of media”.

“All 176 passengers along with the crew are safe,” the spokesperson said.

“IndiGo flight was observing ATC instructions all the time at Delhi airport. IndiGo has voluntarily informed the DGCA. This matter is being investigated by IndiGo safety department and the regulator,” the official said.

The official also said that “as an airline we rely upon ATC’s traffic advisory and ensure to comply with their instructions”.

“At IndiGo, safety of the passengers, crew and the aircraft are of top priority — and at no time it can be compromised,” he added.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning at the IGI Airport when an Indigo flight after landing at Delhi from Lucknow saw a SpiceJet aircraft in front of it on the taxiway.

According to officials, the DGCA has ordered a probe into the incident.

A Spicejet statement said: “SpiceJet flight SG 123 operating between Delhi-Hyderabad was following ATC instructions at all times at the Delhi airport.”

“While taxing (for takeoff), the SpiceJet crew observed another aircraft on the same taxiway in the opposite direction. Acting promptly, the SpiceJet crew immediately stopped the aircraft and intimated the ATC,” said the statement.

“Safety is of utmost and primary concern to SpiceJet. At no stage the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft was compromised. All concerned authorities were immediately informed,” the SpiceJet statement read.