How to maintain your jewellery during monsoon

New Delhi [India]: Monsoon is one of the delightful seasons that fill our hearts with happiness and joy.

Apart from the joys it offers, this season might turn out to be a little tricky for your jewellery. Taking extra care and maintaining its shine, is usually a task during this season, and we sure don’t want to mess our favorite pieces.

Here are few simple tips and tricks by Nikita Rattanshi, Director, Birla Golds and Precious Metals Ltd. on how you can maintain the shine and beauty of your favourite jewellery during the monsoon season, while making the most of it.

-Keep the moisture away from Silver:

Silver tends to easily lose its sheen in the humid temperature. One of the best ways to protect your silver is to keep them in a moisture resistant container to maintain its luster and glow.

-Dry your jewellery well:

Experts at Cherish Gold usually advise to avoid wearing precious pieces when it rains, as they are prone to get tarnished during the season. If your jewellery gets wet, make sure to dry them thoroughly before you put them back in the case. Avoiding tissue papers to wipe your jewellery can help it last longer.

-Use soapwater for cleaning:

Gold and platinum are counted as neutral metals. They hardly need care and attention. But gold jewellery tends to catch dust and dirt quickly when kept in humid environment. It’s advisable to clean your ornaments with soap water and store it in a dry place to retain its beauty.

-Store your precious pieces in boxes:

For organic jewellery such as pearls, coral or amber, it is better to store them separately in an air tight box, not all of them together, but in separate boxes. Stuffing them together in one box, might increase the chances of scratches due to collision. Try to prevent them from body sprays and sweat, as it might affect its appearance.

-Invest in a good jewellery box:

Half the job to protect your jewellery in the rainy season is taken care of, when you have a jewellery box with a soft interior and hard exterior. A strong and sturdy jewellery box always provides enough protection to your jewellery pieces, as its soft interior will protect your ornaments from scratches and retain its original luster.

So this monsoon, put on your best jewellery piece without the fear of befouling it. ( ANI)