How to maintain the elegance of Banarasi Silk

New Delhi: Every Indian woman’s wardrobe has a Banarasi silk saree. The magnificent embroidery, the richness of the silk material, and the finely woven brocade makes this six-yard piece of cloth irresistible.

However, the eternal truth is that every beautiful thing has its expiry date. And, same is the case with Banarasi silk sarees.

But, fear not. shares some essential steps that should be kept in mind to maintain the timeless elegance of Banarasi silk.

Make sure that when you store these sarees, they are wrapped carefully in muslin and cotton cloth. The delicacy of cotton or muslin shears will help preserve the embroidery on Banarasi sarees better.

It is also important to remember that these sarees are stored separately. Stacking it among sarees of other material can damage the silk texture. Also, keep in mind not to use metal hangers for the sarees. Metal hangers are prone to corrode and this can ruin the elegance and shine of the Banrasai silk saree.

When it comes to washing the sarees, dry cleaning is the best option because detergents could ruin the material. If you do not want to go for dry cleaning, consider using petrol to remove the stains. Acetone can be used to remove nail paint stains from the saree and to remove stains of oil, you can rub talcum powder before washing it with a mild detergent.

After cleaning, bear in mind not to dry the saree in direct sunlight because extreme heat can cause the finely woven designs to come apart. For the similar reason, you must iron the saree at low heat and should always use a cotton cloth under the saree while ironing.(ANI)