Maine 3 nahi, 250 cylinders laye the: Dr Kafeel Ahmad share his pain on viral FB video

Maine 3 nahi, 250 cylinders laye the: Dr Kafeel Ahmad share his pain on viral FB video

GORAKHPUR: An FIR has been registered against Dr Kafeel Khan of Gorakhpur-based BRD Medical College Hospital in connection with the deaths of children due to alleged lack of oxygen supply.

Khan, who was the nodal officer at the state-run hospitals paediatric department, had been hailed as a hero after he reportedly  helpedthe dying kids by arranging oxygen cylinders  in the tragic incident in which 30 children had died within a span of 48 hours.

Dr. Kafeel, in a viral Facebook video shared by Janta Ka Reporter, recorded his personal tale what happened that fateful night, Dr Khan says:

“I saw DGME (Director General Medical Education) saying that ‘there were 52 cylinders (in the hospital). ‘What Kafeel would have done with three more cylinders?’ Sir, teen cylinders nahi, mai 250 cylinders leke aaya tha. Shaam ke 6pm tak koi ek bandh nahi tha. raat se lek dein se leke pure daudte rahe hum log. DM sir ko bhi phone kiya the, CMO and AD sir ko bhi phone kiya tha. Sabse bheek mangi thi sir cylinders dedo bacche marr rahe hai. Kaise kaise karke cylinders mange gaye. Kaise kaise karke bheek mangi hog aur aap keh rahe hai sirf teen cylinders. (I didn’t just bring three cylinders, but I brought 250 cylinders in that 24 hours. There was not a single person there till 6 PM. We kept running all throughout the day and night. No one came. The DM knew about it since noon. I had phoned the CMO and AD (Health) too. I had begged to all saying ‘sir give us at least 50 cylinders. It’s a dire situation and children are dying.’ No one came and you talk about three cylinders.)”

Dr Khan further said, “Our entire family is now being force to live in hiding. Ammi jan(mother) has gone for Hajj. She’s worried from there that what will happen tomorrow. Everything will be fine because Allah is there. I am satisfied that I saved children’s life. Even if I saved 10 children’s lives, I’m sure I will always have blessing of their parents.”

An FIR has been registered against nine persons, including the former principal of Gorakhpur- based BRD Medical College, The proprietors of M/s Pushpa Sales, the company responsible for the supply of liquid oxygen, have also been named in the FIR.

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Besides, the state government has transferred Additional Chief Secretary (Medical Education) Anita Bhatnagar Jain in connection with the tragedy, an official spokesperson said.

A probe committee, headed by the state chief secretary, had yesterday submitted its report on the deaths to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

“An FIR has been filed against nine persons including former principal Dr Rajiv Mishra, his wife Dr Purnima Shukla, Dr Kafeel Khan and the proprietors of M/s Pushpa Sales,” Additional Director General (Lucknow Zone) Abhay Prasad told PTI.

Over 100 children died since 10 August at the Gorakhpur hospital. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who’s been an MP from here for five terms left embarrassed.

मुख्यमंत्री योगी के फैसले के बाद सोशल मीडिया पर आए डाॅ. कफील, …

मुख्यमंत्री योगी के फैसले के बाद सोशल मीडिया पर आए डाॅ. कफील, आज मेरे पूरे घर को छिपना पड़ा रहा है, उठाया सच्चाई से पर्दा, वीडियो हुआ वायरल

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