“Main Musalman Hun, Ye Mera Gunah Hai?” ask Sub-Inspector Abid Khan

RANCHI: If you have seen Aamir Khan’s Bollywood blockbuster Sarfarosh, it will have the scene in which there is a debate between Aamir Khan and Mukesh Rishi.

Aamir, who play the character of an IPS officer, stated that he doesn’t need any ‘Saleem’ (a Muslim police officer played by Mukesh) to save his country.

In the current scenario, something like this happened with Abid Khan, a Sub Inspector of Doranda police station in Jhanrkhand‘s Ranchi who was allegedly abused because of his religion.

In more than one minute video, one can see the pain and emotions of this man who feels discriminated and alienated in his own country after being abused in the name of his religion.

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According to reports, after a BJP leader Dhiraj Raj was murdered two days ago, few people started protesting at Doranda Police Station and had a three-hour tussle with the police.

Abid Khan, who was part of team investigating the murder was making attempts to convince and pacify the crowd but the protesters barged into Khan’s chamber held him responsible for delay and gave communal remark.

This anger Abid Khan who got furious and confronted the crowd asking, whether he is not a citizen of this country? “Main musalman hun, ye mera gunah hai, Yehi gunah hai mera aur kya gunah hai,” he asked.

Later, Khan took it upon himself and and calm the atmosphere.

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