Mahmood Ali inspects arrangements for today’s Iftar Party

Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali has directed the officials to make arrangements sans any shortcomings in the TRS government’s Ifthar party to be conducted on Sunday.

Mahmood Ali, on Saturday, along with Nampalli MLA Jafer Hussain, Minority, Protocol, Police and Hyderabad District Collector visited the Nizam College Grounds where the State government is hosting Ifthar party to the Muslims on the occasion of Ramzan. The Deputy CM inspected the arrangements.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahmood Ali said the State government was making arrangements for 6,000 people to participate in Ifthar party. Som 3,000 people are eminent persons belonging to various sectors and the remaining will be common people. He said the person coming to Ifthar Party has to come along with invitation card as eminent people were participating in a big way. He said the police will not allow the people without the invitation card.

The TRS government has initiated several steps to organize Ramzan festival in a big way and as part of it, the government released Rs 35 crore for the Ifthar Party, repairs to Mosques, Imam and to pay Mouzam. The government readied two lakh dress packets for distribution among them through Mosques to the poor Muslims brethren. Each packet will have a Kurtha, Pyjama, sari and dress material, he said. The Deputy Chief Minister said the government was allocating special funds to the festivals like Bakrid, Christmas, Dasara and Deepavali to organize them on a grand scale.

The Deputy CM said previous governments organized Ifthar parties only in Nizam College. But the TRS government was making arrangements to have mass Namaz. The government was also distributing dresses to the poor Muslims. He praised the Minority, R&B, Police, GHMC, Hyderabad District Officials for making good arrangements for the Irthar party.

Intelligence IG Mahesh Bagavath, Ashwini Kumar, Protocol secretary Adar Sinha, Hyderabad Collector Rahul Bojja, Minority Department secretary Omer Jaleel, Central Zone DCP Kamalasan Reddy, HUJ Committee Special Officer Shookur, GHMC Additional Commissioner Ravi Kiran, Protocol Deputy secretary Aravind Singh and others participated. (NSS)