Mahindra First Choice Wheels launches India’s first certified pre-owned electric vehicle program and retail outlet

New Delhi [India]: Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. (MFCWL), India’s multi-brand certified used car company on Sunday inaugurated India’s first certified pre-owned electric vehicle outlet – Car Connect, located at HSR Layout in Bengaluru.

The outlet, yet another first in MFCWL’s suite of industry-leading solutions for the pre-owned car industry, was inaugurated by Dr. Nagendra Palle, MD and CEO, MFCWL and Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd.

Having grown its network at a rapid pace of nearly 50 percent a year over the last five years with more than 1200 multi-brand used car outlets across the country, MFCWL will now also cater to customers looking for certified pre-owned eco-friendly electric vehicles.

MFCWL will offer customers an organised platform to exchange, buy and sell pre-owned electric cars, with industry-leading features like certification and warranty, to ensure a transparent and convenient customer experience.

“At Mahindra First Choice Wheels, we are committed to providing our pre-owned vehicle customers a high degree of comfort around purchasing the vehicle with our industry leading multi-brand certification and warranty products. Increased awareness and higher acceptability of eco-friendly electric vehicles, coupled with government initiatives, are steadily driving the growth of Electric Vehicles. We are pleased to launch India’s first organised platform for pre-owned electric cars, which will help us cater to this new discerning segment of customers, while facilitating the growth of the EV market,” said Palle.

The warranty program, ELEKTRICFIRST is unique to MFCWL and it covers electric and electronic components of the car, including battery, battery pack parts and the drive train, thus offering the customer comfort with a pre-owned electric vehicle purchase.

“Mahindra Electric is the pioneer in electric mobility space in India. As the only manufacturer of electric vehicles in India, we have been playing a very active role in driving the adoption of EVs for more than a decade now. With four vehicles launched just last year and through various pilots that we are running with our strategic partners, we have proven time and again that electric vehicles are not just sustainable, but also economically viable. This partnership with MFCWL will help us further establish the longevity of electric mobility as a solution to address urban transportation needs. Through this first of its kind association, we are reinforcing the fact that EVs are the future and they are here to stay,” said Mahesh Babu.

“We are delighted to be associated with Mahindra First Choice Wheels, India’s pre-eminent used car brand. The used car market in Bengaluru is growing at a rapid pace and Mahindra First Choice Wheels offers a strong value proposition of trust, credibility and exceptional service to customers. We are excited to partner with Mahindra First Choice Wheels, to provide eco friendly and value for money solutions to our customers here,” added Sunil Sukhija, Proprietor, Car Connect.

MFCWL embarked on its strategy of building the used vehicle eco system in India in 2007. The company has played a pioneering role in shaping and developing the organised used vehicle eco system by connecting the retail and wholesale side of the business through investments made in the creation of its physical and online assets.

With a suite of innovative products and services extended through its unique ‘on the ground’ and ‘in the cloud’ hybrid business model, MFCWL has powered more than a million used vehicle transactions in 2017. (ANI)