Mahesh Bhatt launches Indo-Pak peace anthem `Dil Ki Udaan`

Mahesh Bhatt recently unveiled a promotional ‘Indo-Pak peace anthem’ titled ‘Dil Ki Udaan’ for a Punjabi cross border film ‘Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya’ in Mumbai.

The anthem is composed by an Indo-Pak band of musical duo Mudasir Ali and Hamza Akram.

The 64-year-old filmmaker told the media that this flick talks about Mahatma Gandhi’s values of Love and Peace and everyone should support it.

“Mahatma Gandhi was our father of nation and at the time of partition he said that both the nations have no other alternative and if we don’t live like brothers then no one would be able to live peacefully. So I think this film revives Bapu ji’s thought as it talks abut love and peace because we have fought a lot and war is not the solution for anything,” Bhatt said.

The ‘Murder 2’ director said that the he hopes that this film would be loved by everyone in India as well as in Pakistan.

“And in today’s sour time when someone talks about peace we should support them and that’s the reason I am here today. Because the film which they have made is great and I am sure everyone in India and Pakistan will love the film,” he added.

The film, which has been helmed by Thakur Tapasvi, is based on an Indo-Pak love story. (ANI)