Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson lives in an old-age home in Delhi

New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Kanubhai Ramdas Gandhi and his wife Dr Shiva Laxmi Gandhi moved to an old-age home in Delhi on May 8.

Kannubhai, 87 and his wife Shiva Laxmi, 85 have no children and have lived almost all their lives in the US. He is the son of Gandhi’s third son, Ramdas.

Kanubhai wants to stay his last days serving the people just like “Bapu” at the Vishram Vridh Ashram along with 123 other people. Kanubhai said that Bapu always wanted him to serve people of the nation. He also said that he wanted him to take all the pain of people and spread happiness.

He added that Bapu had such a great and pure personality that it’s obvious that people will use his name for politics.